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Hello, lover.

Escorting a select few in their quest for self-discovery, companionship, and pleasure is my passion project. Libations, life, lust, and laughter are important parts of my domain- this is what fuels me. I have an ardent love for everything that makes one human-and for soothing the loneliness inherent in all of us. 

I got my feet wet on entertainment and companionship working in a Japanese hostess lounge. There I stayed for almost a decade before transitioning to an independent, professional companion. As I garnered years in the industry I found that being a companion gives me more freedom to hold my space the way I want- closer and with more warmth. Being independent allows me to truly connect with the person in front of me, may it be in a years-long affair or with short but sweet trysts. 

At first, this was just a means to an end. At this stage of my life, being myself and sharing my space is my craft. My greatest joy lies in knowing that after I exit your space, I leave you feeling better and perhaps, with memories to keep and smile about.  

If you’re looking for a companion for your (mis)adventures: an Arwen to your Aragorn, the Jinx to your Bond, the Yennefer of your Geralt, your Cleopatra- you found the right woman. You are the lead in a script we pen together between sips of wine or between the sheets- if you’re in the Mood for Love. 

Come and start your story with me.