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I’ve created  a haven for relief, a sanctum for both conventional and unconventional desires. 

In the universe where I roam free, exploration is encouraged and inhibitions are left out the door. 

I continually evolve, refine and develop myself- change is constant.

Our story starts here.


I elevate the companionship experience in the Philippines

Escorting a select few in their quest for self-discovery, companionship, and pleasure is my passion project. Libations, life, lust, and laughter are important parts of my domain- this is what fuels me. I have an ardent love for everything that makes one human-and for soothing the loneliness inherent in all of us.

Chapter I

The Erin Experience

Fine dining or hole-in-the-wall, let’s enjoy a gastronomic journey. I know places in my city which serve cuisine that excite the palate and move the senses. Coffee and dessert, or more wine back at my place or yours.

Come and explore what you’ve dreamt about. Together, we can create and enjoy different realities. Let us lose ourselves in the moment. I invite you to indulge in a feast of senses.


"A picture paints a thousand words"

Chapter II

Chapter III


I occasionally dabble in poetry and prose, and find that writing helps me to express myself in ways that I never thought possible. Whether it’s a story, a poem, or a simple thought, I believe that words have the power to connect us to one another.

Chapter IV


In order for any universe to exist, there must be a set of rules that govern its very existence. These rules are not arbitrary, but rather fundamental laws that determine how the universe operates, and how it is able to maintain balance and harmony.

Listed below are the rules that govern my domain.

Chapter V


You can feel it in your bones. That itch you cannot scratch.

A sense that is something is lacking in your life.

With my expertise and passion for adventure,

I can guide you on a journey that will leave you feeling fulfilled and alive.