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Start your story with me.

I invite you to start a new adventure.


Wine and Dine



Fine dining or hole-in-the-wall, let’s enjoy a gastronomic journey. I know places in my city which serve cuisine that excite the palate and move the senses. Coffee and dessert, or more wine back at my place or yours.

Let’s take the plunge and go deep. At eighteen meters down, let’s marvel at the beauty and serenity of the underwater world. After our dives, late in the afternoon, with a bottle of a good vintage, we can watch the sunset as it slowly fades away on the horizon turning the sky into vermilion. The sun slowly surrenders its brilliance to the tranquility of the night. After the sun has set,  a multitude of stars will be our backdrop, witnesses to conversations you and I will have, secrets shared just between the two of us. Magic ensues as we both revel for the rest of the evening.

Don’t let socially unacceptable behavior limit what we can do. Come and explore what you’ve fantasized and dreamed about. Together, we can create and enjoy different realities. Let us lose ourselves in the moment. 


I invite you to indulge.


In the Philippines, advertising for sexual services in exchange for money is illegal. These rates are for my time and my time only. 

My escort service is spontaneous and enjoyable. While I would listen to your fantasies, kinks and desires, I do not offer a service menu for you to tick off.  Instead of coming prepared with a list of actions to do, I’d rather have my guests come with an open mind and positive outlook. 

Wine and Dine