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In order for any universe to exist, there must be a set of rules that govern its very existence. These rules are not arbitrary, but rather fundamental laws that determine how the universe operates, and how it is able to maintain balance and harmony.

Listed below are the rules that govern my domain.

Time is precious. I value time highly. It is in this regard that I choose who to spend my moments with.

I treat every encounter as a journey – two beings mutually agreed to walk together through time, creating something memorable.

For us to start a wonderful journey, mutual respect must be established.

  1. Be punctual. I put great effort in arriving earlier than what was agreed upon. I will give prior notice if for some reason I will be late – this happens rarely. We won’t rush, I avoid as much as possible quick and forgettable dates.
  2. Keep yourself groomed and clean. It is not fun to be with someone filthy.
  3. If you plan to impress me with a good vintage of wine or a rare bottle of Scotch, I prefer we open the bottle together. I never drink from a previously opened bottle. Let me know if I should bring a corkscrew or nosing glass.
  4. For overnight bookings, allow me to have at least 5 hours of sleep. I can pleasure you better in the morning when I am well rested.
  5. You engage me for my time. Anything that happens when we’re together is completely consensual. Please refrain from discussing sexual acts in exchange for money through the various communication platforms/channels.
  6. Lastly, put in an envelope what was agreed upon for my time. Leave it somewhere visibly noticeable, I will look for it within the first 10 minutes of my arrival. Your room’s bathroom counter would be a good place to leave it. If we are in a public place, put in a gift bag and let it rest on the table, I will take it at my convenience. I do not touch cash directly.


While I am quite easy going and forgiving, the following behaviors will not be tolerated.


These acts can force me to walk out on an ongoing date and refuse any future bookings from you.

  1. Use of illegal substances in my presence and consuming too much alcohol.
  2. Filming or recording a date without my consent. If you want a souvenir, let’s talk about it, I am very much accommodating.
  3. Bringing another person to our date without my prior consent. I accept 3s, 4s and more but it has to be discussed.
  4. Providing false screening information.
  5. There are only a few acts I say “NO” to. I am very open minded in and out of the bedroom. When I say “NO” it is my boundary. You’re expected to respect my boundaries without question.