Escort Redefined

Casa Estrella

Reaching one of your goals is guaranteed to bring you joy. With that joy, comes peace and satisfaction. This was something I came to realize four months ago when I got my art studio.

An art studio of my own is a dream come true. Having a place for me to paint, a place to store and hang my art, a home for my beloved cat, and a space to receive guests was exactly how I envisioned my life for many years. Now, I have it in my hands.
Getting another place in the midst of the pandemic might sound crazy and foolish. I didn’t even expect it to happen but by some stroke of luck, I found myself inspecting what Real Estate experts would call “a fixer-upper.” A 42sqm two-bedroom condominium unit in a mid-rise building, two balconies, one bath, and a spacious living room/kitchen right outside of Makati CBD. Basement parking included. Accessible and safe, with the bonus of a burgeoning food scene popping a few streets away. All for an agreeable payment arrangement. 
The catch?

It’s a 5-year old, filthy time capsule. 

The previous tenant’s items were left behind and have been gathering dust for years. The place was infested by case-bearing clothes moths and cockroaches. There were problems with both bathroom and kitchen plumbing, the ceiling leaks, there were molds on the walls, and even used condoms under the bed!   I should have ran away screaming, right?!? Right! But the deal was good despite the challenges it came with and I am the kind who doesn’t mind putting on some elbow grease to get things done. It took two months for the clean-up alone, another month decorating (sped up only with the help of a few friends) and then I could comfortably call it home.
I have no idea why the balcony floor was covered in newspaper
More trash left by the previous tenant
And I won't even show you the rest which IS worse, but you get the point right?
A photo of me using my dive gloves to put together a rack for the kitchen. I just had to protect my nails but get things done at the same time 🙂
It was grueling work but it did not stand a chance against my dream. From a den of filth, I have transformed it into an oasis in the middle of the city. I come here when I want to feel at peace and when I have the burning desire to get creative.
My art studio is not yet finished. There are still some personal touches I want to add, but it’s already home to me. I open my door and I feel instant peace and relief, the way I dreamed it to be. It’s my playground, a place where one can be free. It’s my safe space.
And dear lover- you are invited.